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Everybody Wins with C-Win™
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Everybody Wins with C-Win™
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Everybody Wins with Cwin™

Cwin™ = The Contractors With Integrity Network™
c·win   [see-win]  noun 
      1. consumers win by getting the best deal possible
      2. contractors win by getting more rewarding jobs

This network was founded for two reasons:

  1. To Educate Consumers with information that will actually simplify their buying process, protect them from paying too much and bring a new level of integrity to the whole industry.
  2. To Provide Integrity based Contractors a medium to earn educated consumer's business.

Contractors: You may join the C-Win™ program or you may learn about the C-Win™ program and why joining is a smart move.

Homeowners: You can request a FREE NO-Obligation Vinyl, Cedar, Fiber Cement Siding Estimate or Replacement Windows Estimate. You may also learn about our C-Win™ Program.

Homeowners #1 Source for Honest Siding Estimates and Window Estimates!

Get Siding Estimates and Window Estimates from Only "The Best" Contractors in Your Area! Free!
We understand it can be a daunting task to try and find an Integrity based Contractor, much less 3 or 4 of them to choose from. That's one of the main reasons this program was created in the first place: to educated sincere homeowners and put them in contact with Integrity based Contractors. You deserve to find the right contractor for you and we are here to help you do just that.

Program Overview:
  • Free Service!
  • Free Estimates!
  • No Spam!
  • No Hassle!
  • You are in Control of exactly what (and how many) estimates you want. You can add, edit, postpone or cancel any estimates at any time. We help put you in control of the whole process of finding your perfect, quality and budget matched contractor of your choice.
  • Request a Free, No Obligation Estimate Today!

Contractors #1 Source for Quality Siding Leads and Window Leads Online!

Siding leads and window leads are the lifeblood to any siding & window company. This program was founded by Robert Bury, an ex-siding and window company owner himself. Through his guidance, this program was created to precisely fit the type of internet lead generation program he would have loved to join while he was still contracting. Truth be told, most lead generation companies know little to nothing about actual siding, windows or the mechanics of homeowner to contractor relations during the sales process; not to mention anything about the products themselves or how to install them. Question: if you where looking for a top notch surgeon, would you take a referral from some company that knows nothing about surgery? Or how about any knowledge of your specifically needed surgery? I think not. Why should remodeling be any different? It isn't. The average siding or window remodel cost's several thousand dollars... we don't take that lightly and nor does your prospective clients.
We on the other hand have an intimate knowledge of how the entire process works - from lead generation to project completion. So we are able to better inform homeowners and assist honest contractors in getting quickly to what they want most... more quality jobs. We know you're going to love this program. All we ask it the opportunity to prove that to you. Enjoy!
  • High Quality Leads!
  • Affordable!
    • Free to Join!
    • No Monthly Fees!
    • Free to try!
  • You are in Control of what estimate you are interested in and you decide which individual estimates you would like to bid on.
  • Join Now!

Market Focus
For Homeowners:
Vinyl Siding Estimates, Cedar Siding Estimates, Fiber Cement Siding Estimates, General Siding Estimates, Soffits & Replacement Window Estimates
For Contractors:
Vinyl Siding Leads, Cedar Siding Leads, Fiber Cement Siding Leads, General Siding Leads, Soffits Leads & Replacement Window Leads
(more to come)
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